About Vista Del Sol

In December 1997 my wife and I and our two sons decided to visit Puerto Vallarta. We were cautious, this being our first trip, and checked with our friends in search of the best place to stay. Old Town? - The Hotel Zone? - Mismaloya? - Nuevo Vallarta? - The South Side? . . . We decided on the South Side of the Rio Cuale river in El Centro or Old Town. A friend of ours invited us to stay in his condo at the Vista Del Sol located on the beach in the center of Old Puerto Vallarta (PV).

Having spent the last nine years in the condo rental business managing the Nautilus Condos in Ocean Shores, Washington, we knew we would not enjoy two weeks in a hotel room where the walls close in on you after several days.

We checked into Vista Del Sol and went to the third floor and opened the door. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled . . . we knew we had made the right decision. The condo has 1550 sq. ft. two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, very large dining room, a private terrace overlooking the water, living room. . . The master bedroom has a king-size bed, air conditioning, a master bathroom with an oval tub and shower. The second bedroom has two beds, air conditioning, dressers, lamps, etc., etc . . .

Vista Del Sol is a privately owned condominium complex, not a time share. There is no walk in traffic, hordes of teenagers running amok or large tour groups checking in at eleven p.m. One of the things we enjoyed most was the time spent on the roof-top pool, talking to the condo owners (some live here six months of the year), finding out the best places to eat, shop, and which fishing trips to go on.

We've all heard that the three most important words in real estate are: LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. They also hold very true for your vacation. Husbands and wives often differ in approach to vacations. I like to take naps from two-to-four o'clock p.m. while my wife goes shopping. I like deep-sea fishing while my wife goes shopping. Being in the center of all the shopping and restaurants my wife was able to walk to the flea market, the Zona Romantica and the Malecon (a waterfront walkway that curves along the bay for several blocks) while feeling very safe and secure. Friends of ours joined us in PV but stayed in the Hotel Zone. They will never do that again because they had to take a cab everywhere. The Hotel Zone is just that, nothing but hotels. Everything is located in Old Town.

Some important information to keep in mind: Puerto Vallarta is very, very safe for tourists. The city water system is purified but if you are in doubt there is bottled water in the condo. We never had a bad meal anywhere we ate and we ate at a lot of different places. Cabs are inexpensive but ask the fare first. City buses are fun and cheap so take a ride, you'll have fun. While in Mexico, see a bullfight.

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